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The waiting is over! Finally the first 5 game-sets with the new design arrived and they look quite good already. They are not ideal for mass production yet and we will have to work with our supplier to get a product that matches perfectly our expectations but we are close.

The box is the part which needs more adjustments. We like how stiff it is, so it will sustain some weight on it without deforming but the surface at touch, and the quality of the print can improve and will likely improve.

The cards on the other hand are exactly how we wanted them to be. Right size, right feeling in the hand, good quality of the print, perfect borders for shuffling. Playing with these will feel good, the difference from the early prototype is great, these look professional. Readability of the cards is also improved in this new version, so you won’t struggle to read the proposed challenges and penalties even when playing in a room with low light.

Instructions booklets are quite big. There is room for more details in case we find out that the rules are not clear enough.

Overall we are very satisfied!