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Hello Spicy people!

The first goal for the Kickstarter Campaign video script was to make the video fun. We want to grab your attention in just a few seconds, telling a story, while at the same time give a glimpse of the game mechanics and gameplay. We have two different ideas, that suit two different kind of “buyer personas”. We do not know if we will have the time and budget to shoot them both but at least we have a good script ready and a nice storyboard that will allow everyone to be more prepared during the recording of the video.

Right now we are looking for “actors” among our friends, we bet everyone will have some fun while recording the video but it is also something that takes a bit of skill or at least self-confidence in front of the camera.

Have you ever shot an amateur but scripted video? like a short film? What is your experience with it?

Share your thoughts with us, and stay Spicy!