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Hi MrPepper, thanks for being with us and your feedback, we value them a lot! We also thank you for the appreciation of our work on the website and blog posts.

But lets get our hands dirty into the problems you highlighted.

Safety: we are not sure what do you mean with the website not being safe on mobile, can you explain it more?

User base: from what we can see there is quite a big gap between people checking the content on the website and people participating in the community (in this case we mean every kind of community related behavior from posting on the forum to social media interactions). We have about 40 to 100 unique visitors each day on the page, with a decent 1,5 pageviews per user and a mean duration of over 1 minute. These figures are improving, slowly but steadily. We get some subscribers daily, although we just adopted a new spam filter in order to make sure we get only valuable mails rather than registration spam.
These are the good news, the bad ones are that apart from Instagram where each post receives some interactions, the social media presence of Spicify is not working as hoped. Indeed there is the problem you are pointing out which is people might not feel comfortable openly appreciating the game in public. Even being a completely different league in terms of sex content, Pornhub does not have a facebook page, whereas it has 5.1 million followers on Instagram and that makes sense with the interactions data we are collecting. Still, we hope to be able to grow the user base also on facebook and we need to keep a presence there because it is where we have most of our network and that is vital for the Kickstarter campaign: people may not feel like “liking” Spicify in public but still like to support us on Kickstarter.
To add more pools from where gather interested users we recently added a presence on Reddit where we follow some topics related about hot games and sex discussion. We also kept on with our outreach of editors and influencers that may find this interesting and might talk about the game, especially when the Kickstarter campaign will be live. We already sent a few copies to some people that should have helped us with that but so far the outcomes are very poor with them.
One other thing that we are focusing on is creating more content, being it photos, videos or anything that might work to grow a community and gather interest on the game. We have a few ideas in mind…

About Kickstarter, we are working on the material for the campaign, as we explained in the latest news and updates post, we had some delays on the video, as you can imagine the hardest part is to gather the actors and shoot the video itself, everything else is already sorted out: we can cover every aspect from the scripting and storytelling, to the editing and postproduction. The campaign video is something that we really thought about putting a lot of attention on how to convey the message that this game is fun and you want to try it at least once. The video and the whole campaign have to be very well crafted and high quality, and even in that case we do not have a warranty of success, especially if we lack some major support from our user base.

Still, Kickstarter is not the only way we are thinking about gathering funds to produce the game. We have also contacts with local distributors who showed interest in the game and may desire to take a part into promoting/producing/distributing it. We are doing our best with what we got right now, still, this is not a good reason not to try harder.

Right now our main goal is increase the reach and the interest on the game on the web, second there is the video production, third any other possible mean to fund Spicify.

Thanks again for sharing your thoughts with us!

Stay Spicy!