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Hi Mr. Pepper! you are truly our champion!

We are sorry it took us so much time to launch, the number of things we had to check (details for different versions in production, shipping, customs, certifications, fulfillment…) were a bit more time-consuming than we expected.

Regardless of how this first campaign will go, your positive comments on it and the video made us very happy of our work!
FAQ and Rewards maybe were not working because of being a preview, now that the campaign is live everything should be fine. There are no FAQs yet because… there were no questions from the backers but we will include some in these days as an update.

Your question is very interesting but not an easy one to answer. On our side (even on our personal profiles) we try to promote it for what it is: a fun game to play with friends, which can get a bit (or a lot) hot depending on how you decide to play it and on who you play it with.

“Weird looks” can come from people’s misunderstanding. With the video we really made a huge effort trying to solve this problem and show that a hot game does not need to be anything like a “pervert kink”. Sexuality is a topic which has its dignity and even among friends, especially in a playful and positive way, it should not be a tabu.

How did we convince our friends to play with us? We teased them a bit with the idea, like showing them the game, leave it rest for a bit and then one day coming up with a possible dinner with a match to play. You can always start with the cold set of cards… that’s a fun way to spend an hour or two together with friends.

Thanks again for your support!