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    I’m a bit surprised that no one posted here before. I think this is a great product idea, but it seems production slowed down a bit, at least there are no updates visible.
    Possibly it’s not the wisest thing to measure the initial success on Facebook likes, because be honest, we live in a society where we don’t “like” sex games publicly.

    Anyhow, still interested, we need these games which are not made by people who only saw sex on their computer (looking at you, Sexopoly and xxcards etc.)

    PS: First!



    Hello MrPepper (by the way, very appropriate nickname!)
    Thanks for joining our community and letting us hear your voice. We really appreciate your thoughts about Spicify. As you may have read on the blog, the game was born as an idea to play together with our friends in a… spicy way. We loved it! And that’s why we are trying our best to make it available for everyone 🙂

    About production, indeed we are not “producing” games right now, our efforts are focused on getting everything ready for the kickstarter campaign. We need to work on the material of the campaign itself, like the video introduction. We are aiming at producing something special and there are so many details to take care about! We are also looking for fullfillment centers that we can use for delivering the game to backers on time.

    We are also trying to find some people that can help spreading the word about Spicify before the campaign in order to increase the chance for success. Here… everyone can help 😉

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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