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    Hello spicy people!
    You may be wondering what is this all about. We have some posts about bachelor and bachelorette parties, sexy themes and games ideas for your wild nights… but what is the point?
    As you can imagine looking at the sexy board and card games post we are developing a card game, both for couples and groups of friends! You can get an idea of how it was born in our first post but basically we didn’t mean to sell anything when we started designing it. It was meant for having some good fun with our friends during a bachelorette party where both girls and guys where invited. It took some time to define a basic rule-set and gather the ideas for the sets of cards but eventually we got our early prototype ready for a hot game-night.
    Although the game showed that it needed some adjustments, both in the rules and the activities proposed by the cards, it was so much fun that on the way back from our trip the idea of making a proper game, that other people could play, became quite irresistable.

    So here we are, after a few months of brainstorming ideas, sketches on pieces of paper and notebooks, hours spent researching the internet and several tests with the early prototype (the best part!). We have an updated version of the game that is getting printed and should be in our hands within April 27th 2018. Ah, we were almost forgetting, on the contrary of the early prototype, this is crafted directly by the company we picked for the production of the game-sets, so it should be quite similar to the final version, apart for some minor revisions that might be needed.

    We cannot wait to show it to you!

    With pleasure and love
    The Spicify Team



    The waiting is over! Finally the first 5 game-sets with the new design arrived and they look quite good already. They are not ideal for mass production yet and we will have to work with our supplier to get a product that matches perfectly our expectations but we are close.

    The box is the part which needs more adjustments. We like how stiff it is, so it will sustain some weight on it without deforming but the surface at touch, and the quality of the print can improve and will likely improve.

    The cards on the other hand are exactly how we wanted them to be. Right size, right feeling in the hand, good quality of the print, perfect borders for shuffling. Playing with these will feel good, the difference from the early prototype is great, these look professional. Readability of the cards is also improved in this new version, so you won’t struggle to read the proposed challenges and penalties even when playing in a room with low light.

    Instructions booklets are quite big. There is room for more details in case we find out that the rules are not clear enough.

    Overall we are very satisfied!



    Hello Spicy people!

    The first goal for the Kickstarter Campaign video script was to make the video fun. We want to grab your attention in just a few seconds, telling a story, while at the same time give a glimpse of the game mechanics and gameplay. We have two different ideas, that suit two different kind of “buyer personas”. We do not know if we will have the time and budget to shoot them both but at least we have a good script ready and a nice storyboard that will allow everyone to be more prepared during the recording of the video.

    Right now we are looking for “actors” among our friends, we bet everyone will have some fun while recording the video but it is also something that takes a bit of skill or at least self-confidence in front of the camera.

    Have you ever shot an amateur but scripted video? like a short film? What is your experience with it?

    Share your thoughts with us, and stay Spicy!



    Hello Spicy people!

    We noticed the forum was lacking a proper organization and most of all a place where you could give us your feedback! So there you go! Now you can share your thoughts about Spicify here

    We are still working on the fulfillment centers and so far we contacted 6, they are based all over the world so we can make sure to get an accurate quote for shipping wherever you may be.

    Stay tuned and Spicy!



    Yesterday we went to Lucca Comics and Games and met with Cartamundi, the manufacturer that we chose for crafting the game boxes. They have an incredible tracked record of games produced since they were funded more than 200 years ago. It is very likely that you have played one of their games in the past.

    Spicify at Lucca Comics and Games 2018

    They showed us a box of a game that shows the quality we might expect from production copies. Here are a few images that we took. What do you think about it? The box is much better than the prototype one, the quality of the printing is very good and, at touch, the textured finish is pleasant and adds value to the box itself. Cards are of the same quality of our prototype, which we already like a lot. The tray and the instruction leaflet instead are better than the prototype ones so we can expect a nice little improvement from those.

    Possible box quality for Spicify production copies

    Possible box quality for Spicify production copies detail

    Possible tray quality for Spicify production copies

    As we were there we decided to meet also a few possible publishers and distributors that may be interested in our game. We will definitely go through kickstarter but it is important to keep other possible ways open. In the end, our goal is to produce the games and allow you, spicy people, to enjoy the fun that Spicify has to offer!

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    So…. new year has come and we seem to be lagging a bit late on our schedule to begin the Kickstarter campaign of Spicify. Indeed once we broke over the November deadline there was no point to launch in December given there is the holiday season which is never a good time to launch a game on Kickstarter.

    The good news is that we are working harder to make sure we can make it as soon as possible and we one of us in the Spicify team has now more time to dedicate to the project!

    Besides the video production we began to define the graphic and text material for the campaign, and we are thinking about publishing a test campaign (basically one that does not really start but people can check with a link), so we can gather some feedback and allow the Kickstarter team to review it. You know, Spicify is a bit on the edge of what is admitted there, so it is always a good idea to have them check out everything.

    The other big part of our total efforts is going in creating content for the social pages and website. We have to be honest with ourselves and we know that to make a campaign successful we really need to have our own community supporting the game as soon as it goes live, without that, the chances for success are way lower. Here is where you can really help us out! Tell your friends about the game and spread the word and tell them to follow us on our Facebook and Instagram 🙂

    We also want to thank everyone who has send their love to us in this year, commenting the game, sending messages or simply by liking our posts. We wish you a very Spicy and Happy 2019

    Have a Spicy 2019 with Spicify

    For those wondering, yes, we celebrated New Year’s Eve with a few good friends and it would have been a pity not to spice up things a bit after Midnight, don’t you think?

    A little fun in the backstage

    If you are curious to know more, keep following us 😉

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    It has been too long since our last update and believe when we say that we would have loved to get back to you sooner! But now we got a great news, last Sunday we finally shot the scenes for the Kickstarter Campaign video.

    In total 9 people were involved with the shooting, although being fun it was also a long and process. We had 12 scenes to shoot and a couple of unexpected issues to solve. But in the end, we have some nice material to work on now in post-production and editing.

    Here are a couple of photos from the backstage just for you!

    two girls and two guys playing Spicify Card game

    Playing is fun, even if a bit scripted for the sake of storytelling…

    Shooting a scene for Spicify Sexy Card Game video

    Shooting a scene, what is going to happen here? Maybe you will know more from the video 😉

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    The video is ready! I repeat, the video is ready!

    We are finishing polishing the campaign material, you will be soon able to see a preview link in this forum!

    It has been a long journey so far but we are finally seeing this little goal approaching, ready to jump towards a much bigger one!

    Thanks for staying with us!



    Hello Spicy People,

    we are almost ready for the launch of the Kickstarter Campaign. We are currently crunching some numbers in order to make the game available at the lowest possible cost that we can actually afford and try to keep also the overall funds required from the campaign at the bare minimum.

    We are also in contact with a couple of fulfillment centers and shipping companies to finalize the costs of shipping and avoid customs fees to most of the backers. Once everything is sorted you will see a new post right down here with the link to the campaign. Do not worry in case you will miss it here, we will make sure it will be visible almost on every page / social media.

    Speaking about social media, we also began to populate our YouTube channel come and subscribe.

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