06/06 We are launching!

Finally we are ready. It has been a long journey so far to get here. Let us recap it in a few words. On June 2017 we were invited to a bachelorette party of two girlfriends of us in Barcelona, and as both boys and girls were invited we wanted […]

Spicify the sexy card game for friends and couples

Spicify, the hot game for friends and couples

Get the game!   True story, Spicify was born for an unusual bachelorette party. Unusual simply because the two brides-to-be wanted also some of the guys to participate in what turned out to be a short and intense vacation in the marvelous city of Barcelona. We all had so much […]


Sexy Board and Card Games

Get Spicy!   Sexy games can really spice up a night with your partner or even friends. Indeed, some spicy fun should not be an exclusive of specific kind of parties like bachelor and bachelorette ones. Games involving some sensual teasing and a bit of embarrassment can always be good […]

sexy games ideas for a party

Sexy Games Ideas For A Spicy Party

Get Spicy!   Party with friends is always good fun, but most of the parties seem all alike. You have some people (usually friends), some music, and some drinks and food. Usually the biggest differences are made by the location and, if there is one, the theme. If you are […]

sexy party theme ideas

Sexy Ideas For A Spicy Party Theme

Get Spicy!   Here at Spicify, as the name suggests, we like to spice up things a bit. Now imagine that you have to organize a party with some friends. Most of the parties are based on music and beverages; we love them and have good fun, these are nice […]