After a first attempt to fund our sexy card game Spicify on June 2019, we are getting ready to launch a new Kickstarter campaign in early 2020. We learnt a lot from the campaign, and we worked hard to improve the game trying to listen to every feedback yet being true to ourselves and the idea behind Spicify.

What are the differences compared to the previous version of Spicify?

First of all, we increased the number of challenges for both hot and cold sets. We still believe that the earlier version was great fun and perfectly balanced, but many people suggested us to try and improve the game in this area. Spicify now features 56 unique challenges and 50 different penalties!

Another important thing we worked on is to reduce production cost so that we can go for a lower suggested retail price. This meant thinking about a new, more compact design which makes Spicify truly portable and finding new manufacturers to work with. We cannot disclose the price just yet but it will be less than the previous version.

We improved also the instructions, now we are no longer restricted to the space available in a small booklet. Just scan a QR code on the box or head to link written on the box itself to find a detailed and more graphical explaination on how to play Spicify. There are also minor twists and suggestions to get the best experience depending on the number of players.

What are we doing differently?

On our first attempt to fund Spicify we relied mostly on word of mouth, especially with friends and family. It worked to some extent but reality proved ourselves that if we want to really leverage the potential of Kickstarter as a funding platform we need to have a much greater impact on day one!

This means two things: we need a lot more people joining us before we launch and our goal shall be smaller. 

The first part is the most important and that is where you and your friends can make all the difference. Register to our newsletter and get notified on the game news, funding campaign and release. Every single one of you counts!

Each person backing the game on day one not only helps us get a step closer to the production of the game but will also increase the interest of Kickstarter on the campaign itself, boosting its presence on the huge lists of products launching every day. More visibility means more traffic towards the campaign which also means a greater chance to get funded! We count on you! 😀 

The second important aspect is to lower the goal of the campaign as much as possible, we could not go any lower with our previous campaign due to production and fulfillment costs. We are working hard to try and lower both without reducing the quality of the product.

An adult card game for (almost) everyone!

How did we end up creating Spicify?

On June 2017 we were invited to a bachelorette party of two girlfriends of us in Barcelona, and as both boys and girls were invited we wanted to take the chance to make something different to the usual bachelorette party. A sexy game to play together that could suit the occasion was a good option but we couldn’t find anything we liked, so we decided to design our own game, and that is how Spicify was born.

We wanted a game that could tease and challenge everyone in the group while still allowing those who are a bit shy to enjoy the game and feel comfortable about it.

While getting back from our party we had this thought that we needed to make this game available to more people; sharing something fun with others is a good thing, don’t you agree?

We began testing our hot card game several times with different group of friends to refine the gameplay and find out if there were some challenges that did not work in reality as well as we imagined at first. One thing we learned almost immediately is that the outcomes of the game and the experience change a lot depending on who you play with and the situation. Some games can be hilarious with a lot of unexpected situations that players have to face, some others can get quite hot; but all those who had the chance to try it, loved it and the overall experience. We even got the question “where did you get this game? I want one!” a few times, that made us proud.

After refining the gameplay we focused on the design, aiming at something that could infer what it is about rather than being flashy or kitsch. We put attention on the color scheme, the readability of the cards and every little detail that game design requires.

But how to make Spicify available for everyone? Producing and selling a game worldwide is not an easy task and we had to spend countless hours researching about manufacturers, fulfillment, taxes, customs, shipping; not to mention marketing, content creation, how to write a script, storytelling, video shooting…and a lot more. It has been a crazy trip but we enjoyed every little bit about it.

We really made our best with Spicify. We did it for ourselves, because focusing on all of this allowed us to learn a lot of things. We did it for Spicify, because it is a game that gifted us so many fun nights with friends that it earned all the efforts that we put into it. Last but not least, we did it for you, because we would never dare to ask a cent for something we do not think it is awesome.

Now it is time to end this part of the journey, and begin a much bigger one, are you with us?

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