2019 has been a rollercoaster of emotions. We worked with excitement on our Kickstarter campaign and despite it not being successful we learnt a lot of things from it and from your feedbacks. We improved our game, doubling the challenges it has to offer and redesigned the whole package so to make it more affordable. We launched a newer and better version of our website which is now available also in Italian.

On 2020 we are planning to launch the game again and we want to make sure everyone who would love to play this game gets the chance to know it before our launch. So spread the word with your friends! ❤️

You can do even more and test the game yourself with the print and play version that is available on our website for free. It features the set of cards we played at the bachelorette party where it all began. Are you lookin for something different and special to play with your friends on New Years’ Eve party? We got what you need! 🔥🌶🔥

We wish you all a great 2020! Stay Spicy!

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