Spicify was born in 2017 during a vacation with friends in Barcelona to celebrate a bachelorette party. Indeed, it was the first chance we had since a long time to go somewhere all together, boys and girls alike. It was fun, it felt like freedom and as it often happens with bachelor and bachelorette parties it was also a bit “spicy”. We enjoyed the mood of those days so much that we decided it had to be shared with other people.

This is the reason why spicifythegame.com came to be. We want you to enjoy the same kind of fun: with your own friends in the real world, here with us and other people that feel the same. Ok, but why “Spicify”? As the name suggests we want you to spice up your friends and end up knowing each other more than you could imagine before.

Our values are friendship, passion, respect and freedom. Friendship, simply because you cannot live without friends, people that, no matter what, will always be at your side when you want them to. Passion, because a life without passion is not a life worth living, find at least one thing that makes you passionate about it and dedicate yourself to it; the more you find, the better! Respect, being spicy does not mean to be disrespectful to others, without respect the fun is not long-lasting as we like it to be. Freedom, be free to do what you love with who you want as long as it is not in contrast to the principle of respect.

What we do not like? Hypocrisy, bigotry and hate. We want you to feel free to be yourself. Any of these would totally ruin the experience, so get rid of them, or get out, it’s as simple as that.

Are you with us? Jump on and let’s have some fun!