Take your friends to a journey discovering each other as you never imagined

The funnest way to go beyond your limits

Why you will love to play Spicify

You can play it with your partner… you can play it with your friends!

Fun and sexy

Getting a bit outside of your comfort zone has never been so easy and funny. Spicify is designed to make sure that everyone will have a great time playing together

Ideal for a party

Spicify is the perfect sexy game for a party... you will find out it can turn things pretty wild if you want to (don't tell we didn't warn you! ;))

Play it again and again

Face each of the 52 challenges proposed to achieve victory for your team! Random factors will lead each match to unique outcomes

Fits your comfort level

Challenges are divided in two decks, each one offers a different level of... spiciness. Some challenges can turn out hilarious, other ones, hot as hell.

Spicify is more than a hot game, it is an experience. It is the perfect way to get a bit more open with your friends and your partner, learning things about them that you never dared to ask. Its balanced and captivating gameplay allows everyone to experiment with their limits leaving little by little their comfort zone, in a very fun and playful way. 

It is the ideal sexy game to break the ice with a very special person and awesome to play with friends at a party! You will soon discover how easily it can make you and your friends experience things you thought impossible…

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"A great way to have fun and, at the same time, to help who's a little bit shy to feel more comfortable with friends, even talking about something considered "nasty" :)"
Spicify Player
"It was a new experience, Spicify created a light yet intriguing atmosphere at the same time"

Arianna and Matteo
Spicify Players
"In a situation where the party peaks there is no other game which turns everything even higher to an unknown level!"

Richard and Natalia
Spicify Players

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