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If you want to know more about our adult card game Spicify, you are in the right place. Here you can find information about gameplay, the challenges it offers and hopefully everything you need to know. If something is missing, let us know in the comments below and we will try our best to answer and update this page. Without further ado, let’s get started.


What kind of game is Spicify?

Spicify can be considered a party game. It has two main set of rules which allows it to be played by 2 people, for example you and a very special friend, or by 4+ people. The latter is where the game gives its best.

It can be imagined as a mix between “The bottle game” and “Truth or dare”, but it is played as a team (unless you are playing with just another person). Two teams of both boys and girls face each other in the attempt to score the highest number of points, which can be gained or lost depending on whether you accept or refuse the challenge that the cards will propose you.

It is a hot game, it is focused on sexuality in an open minded, sex positive and funny way. You will not find challenges that require to have a particular skill or that will ask you to eat or drink weird things, draw something on yourself or other players or anything that cannot be done just with your friends right where you are.


What kind of challenges are included?

Spicify cards may ask you to perform challenges that can be a little embarrassing at first, but also great fun to do or watch other people do. You can always refuse a challenge and still try to help your team losing a smaller amount of points by accepting a penalty, which means answering a sex-related question that can be either defined by the card or asked by the opposing team.

It is scalable, it offers two different sets of challenges, one called “Cold Set“, the other “Hot Set“. As the names suggest they include milder or wilder challenges. The cold challenges can be played by anyone feeling comfortable staying in a swimming suit in front of their friends, they may or may not involve touching, but usually in a rather playful and relaxed way, nothing too “kinky”. The hot challenges on the other hand take the game to a different level, those with higher scores may ask you to get completely naked and offer a considerably higher level of interaction between players. Nothing hardcore in any sense though. In each set, each challenge has its own score level, the higher it is, the hotter the challenge.

In total there are 52 unique challenges and 46 different penalties.

Do I need anything to play Spicify?

Apart from the game itself, you just need something to take note of the points scored by both teams. A mobile phone or a simple piece of paper and a pen are more than enough. The mobile phone with an internet connection is required to check the instructions online the first time. The rules are very simple and you won’t need to check them more than once.

We wanted to make the game easy to learn and fun to play, the cards describe in detail what and how you should perform each challenge. Each card offers five different details:

  1. The number of points that you and your team get awarded with or lose if you accept or refuse the challenge
  2. The description of the challenge itself
  3. The penalty that you can accept to reduce the number of points lost
  4. What sex your partner should be (can be either or opposite)
  5. What you and your partner should wear during the challenge



Is Spicify LGBTQ+ friendly?

It is definitely a game where players may experiment new sensations, situations and experiences while playing. The part of the card which sets the sex of the partner you should perform the challenge offers a balanced gameplay (challenge difficulty in respect of points acquired or lost) for heterosexual players. If you are homosexual, bisexual, non-binary or gender fluid, feel free to adapt the game according to your and your group of friends’ preferences.


How long does a match last?

It depends on two factors: the amount of challenges you put into the game, for example only the cold set or both, and how many challenges are accepted in the game.

A match with the bare minimum number of challenges in game, which is half of the cold or hot set, can last anywhere between 30 minutes and an hour depending on the pace you play. If you decide to go for all of the 56 challenges and accept all of them, the game can easily last more than 3 hours. We like players to decide at which level playing the game. We want everyone to be able to feel excited yet comfortable while playing Spicify.


We love to hear from you! Share your feedback with us on our social media pages, or by writing a message to us from our contacts form on our homepage. If you loved the game, share the word with your friends, the more people interested we get, the sooner we will be able to go ahead with the production of the game.



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