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Party with friends is always good fun, but most of the parties seem all alike. You have some people (usually friends), some music, and some drinks and food. Usually the biggest differences are made by the location and, if there is one, the theme. If you are planning to host a party with some close friends and want to make it a bit wilder and memorable, you can check one of the themes we proposed on our blog. A hot theme by itself will not make a party hot, but it is a good start. It is what you do at the party that is the hearth of the fun and where things can get spicy.

Here you can find a few ideas for sexy games to play with your friends. We listed them starting from soft ones and moving to naughtier ones as you continue reading through the list.


Sexy Games

Before you continue we want to clear out a couple of things. First and foremost all of these games require some degree of open mind, if you know that some of the guests are highly conservative and shy about sex and intimacy it is a good idea to avoid forcing them to play. They will not have fun and most likely kill the mood for everyone else. So our recommendation is to pick wisely who to invite to a spicy party. Those in doubt can easily get involved if you take things slowly and give everyone enough time to enjoy the game. Even with very open minded people it is still better to let the atmosphere heat up gradually.



These two sexy games can be good ice breakers for a party with friends who do not mind a bit of flirty fun but still have to build up some intimacy together.


Roll the ball

This is a game for couples, meaning that you need actual couples or at least to have an even number of participants, as long as everyone has a partner to play with you are good to go. To play this game you need a rubber ball that players have to press between their stomachs.

The goal is to move together to make the rubber ball reach the chin of the shorter of the partners in the couple. You need only one ball because it is damn fun to watch so when a couple plays, the others watch.


Find the mysterious object

For this game you need to split girls and boys in two different teams. At turns, each team pick a small item that the other team has to hide on one of its players. Then, one of the players of the team who picked the object has to look for the object on the opposing team while being blindfolded. It is easy to understand that the game can be quite hot, depending on where you decide to hide the mysterious object!

The team which finds the hidden object in the shortest time wins the turn. Continue as long as you have players in either of the teams or just as long as you like!



These are sexy games for friends who are already comfortable enough with each other. You may expect someone to get almost or completely naked, be aware.


Strip Poker

We believe this requires very little explanation but anyway, this is how you play. The rules of this card game are basically the same of the original poker. The only difference is that you start with a small amount of chips and when you lose them you have to remove an article of clothing and change it for some more chips. As the game continues and stakes get higher, more players will need to change their clothes for chips, ending up naked…

If you do not like poker similar rules can be applied to any card game where you can place bets at each turn. It does not even need to be a card game, it can work even with darts.

strip poker



This is basically another stripping game. You have to divide the guests in two teams of even number, preferably mixing girls and boys. The players of each team stand in line. The first player in the line takes off something he or she is wearing, places the item on the floor and goes at the end of the line. At each turn the guests will be growing the line of their team. When a player is no longer willing to remove something the game stops and the team with the longest line of clothing on the floor wins!



These last two sexy games are classics of teenage parties but that does not mean that they cannot be hot. On the contrary, adults can have very naughty minds, and you will


Spin The Bottle

The rules are very simple. Place every participant in a circle and use a bottle as an arrow to indicate who you shall kiss. The person that is being kissed then has to spin the bottle again and the see who he or she has to kiss. Depending on your level of comfort with your friends you can easily push things way forward without stopping at a “simple kiss”. You get the idea…

a bottle of wine ready to spin


Truth or Dare

This one easily mixes with Spin The Bottle, instead of doing the same thing at every spin of a bottle simply state what the next player should dare to do. If they refuse to do so, they will have to answer an embarrassing question that you can either make up at the moment or state before spinning the bottle. If you are afraid of running out of ideas on what to suggest to dare, or what to ask, take a look at this list of dares and questions.

Our suggestion here is to start slowly and easy, the game will heat up quite quickly even without pushing too hard. Like this you can give enough time to get in the right mood also to those who are a bit too shy at first.


Final thoughts

Do not be afraid to try some of these sexy games at your next party with friends. Be respectful of other people’s limits, take it easy and you will have a great time, we can guarantee. These can be very cool ideas also for games to play in a mixed bachelor or bachelorette party.

We are also about to release our own card game for couples and friends, Spicify! But we need your help to make its production possible. We cannot wait to have you and your friends having fun with it as much as we do! Please spread the word about the game and its Kickstarter Crowdfunding Campaign which we are about to launch soon. If you wish to stay updated on game development and production, make sure to register to our newsletter!

Have you ever had a spicy party with some friends? Did you play any of these or other sexy games? Share your experience or ideas with us, we cannot wait to hear from you!


We are now live on Kickstarter!


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