Sexy card and board games can really spice up a night with your partner or even friends. Indeed, some spicy fun should not be an exclusive of specific kind of parties like bachelor and bachelorette ones. Games involving some sensual teasing and a bit of embarrassment can always be good fun if played with respect of each others’ limits and preferences.

Hot games can also help to break the ice as they offer a perfect “excuse” to play together, and maybe experiment something that you would never believe to like so much.


Sexy Games for Couples

Someone said that couples that play together stay together and there is truth in this. It is proved that practicing exciting and arousing activities with your partner will develop a stronger bond inside the couple.

Sexy games can help both at the very early stage of a relationship as they often involve questions to learn more about each other; and later on, when they offer a great way to take some time just to play together with your partner. Give sexuality the time it requires in your relationship. Although it is not vital, it should not be treated as an “optional activity”, but something to really enjoy together.

Here is a list of hot games dedicated to couples, they range from small pocket games, to card games and even board games. Yes, we know that a bed is not the best “table” to play a board game, especially if there is some action going on! But we are sure anyone can find a good solution to solve this kind of problems.


Truth or Dare Cards

As you can probably imagine, many games involve the mechanic of the always fun “Truth or Dare” games we used to play as teenagers. In this case, each dare or truth comes in the form of a card that partners should draw one by one, trying their best to do what the card suggests.

There are many sets of cards like these, the reason for our choice? We like the design of this deck, it is artful and definitely good looking for its price.

Truth or Dare Cards by Unbound

Truth or Dare Sticks

The gameplay is basically the same of the card-game version but this one comes with a different form: a metallic cylinder holding sticks with truth or dare challenges to be picked one by one by players.

It can be a perfect little present to gift to your significant other during a getaway or a night just for the two of you.

Truth or Dare Sticks by Unbound

Bedroom Commands

If Fifty Shades of Grey turned you on, and you feel that it is about time to let your inner master or mistress bloom, this might be the right game for you. Two decks, one for ladies and one for gentlemen. BDSM-wise is really “vanilla” so do not be afraid to try it.

Bedroom commands card game

You & Me

This game is something in between a board game and a card game that promises to bring couples even closer. It proposes 90 challenges that the two players of the couple have to take in order to score points and win. Well, as it happens with many of these games, playing the game is as satisfying as winning at it.

You & Me sexy board game for couples


This is definitely a game for couples, as the name slightly suggests. It is a board game, with a nice design that is somewhere in between Trivial Pursuit and Monopoly. There are three different decks of card, ranging anywhere from intimate questions to steamy action. Overall there are more than 400 ideas to play with, enough for several nights of fun. The hardest part might be to actually finish the game before getting into the “real business”, but we don’t think anyone would complaint about any shortcoming of the game at that point.

Monogamy sexy board game for couples


What name could you ever pick for a game that tries to hold you to orgasm before its end? This one is basically a Goose Game with a kinky soul. As you make your way on the board to the final goal you will be tempted by several games and challenges to play with your partner.

Orgasmixxx sexy board game for couples and maybe friends

Sexy Games for Friends

How do you even start to play a sexy game with friends? Well, it is easier done than said in this case… gather some friends you feel comfortable with and that feel comfortable with one another; throw a party with a sexy theme that will set everyone in the right mood, or simply find a good occasion, like a bachelor or bachelorette party with friends of both sexes.

A sexy game to play together can turn out to be the cherry on the cake and make the party one you will likely remember for the rest of your life. Sexy games can be made up in many ways but there are some advantages when using a purchased products rather than a game idea that someone came up with on his/her own a few minutes before playing. First of all, they are tested, which means that at least for some people they were fun and there is a good chance they will be also for you and your friends. Another reason is that as nobody at the party was involved in the design process, there is always the excuse “the game made me do it” that helps to break the ice.

Many of the games we cited above can have their rules bent to a point where you can play them with friends, not only your partner. Nevertheless, none of them is originally meant to be played in groups. There are a couple of exceptions though.



This is a board game that is designed for groups of friends willing to raise the bar of their intimacy with one another. How high it depends on how far you want to go into the game. Indeed, the board is divided in two areas: a mild one and a wild one. The mild half is likely to set the room on fire whereas the wild one will give you more than a taste of what it means to be part of the so-called “lifestyle”.

The game uses some of the mechanics of a truth or dare game and despite being quite kinky it is also said to be female-friendly, which is awesome.

Coupliscious sexy board game for friends



When we began to look for a sexy card game to play with our friends on a very special occasion we could not find anything appropriate.

We wanted a game that anyone could play and enjoy but that could also get hotter and hotter the deeper you decided to go. We were looking for something comfortable for those who might be a bit shy, yet curious, and wild enough for the bravest (or craziest) of the group to be challenging. We imagined something with a nice and clean design, nothing kitsch or unnecessarily explicit, so that at a first glance would look almost “innocent”. We wanted something easy to carry with ourselves so that we could play it where and when we felt it was the right moment, because, you never know.

A game for couples adapted to our needs may have worked but we still had to change rules and in the end it just looked a bit weird. Couplicious, on the other hand, was pushing too hard for at least a good half of us, not to mention that it was very hard to carry around.

So we designed our own game, Spicify! Register to our newsletter to receive updates on the game development and production and help us spread the word! We need your help to reach our funding goal on our Kickstarter Campaign that we are about to launch soon!

Spicify the hot game for couples and group of friends

Have you ever played any sexy card or board games? Tell us more in the comments below.


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